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Getting started

There are a lot of things you should think about before even creating your first account on any cam site.

Go to other chat rooms to get an idea about how things work.

Decide if you are OK with friends and family members knowing you work as a cam model.
Being a cam model is in the end some kind of sex work, which is something heavily stigmatize in most societies. So you should decide before if you are OK with people applying these stigmata on you then as well, because there is always a chance somebody you know finds out.

It's important that you interact with your viewers as it is all about interacting.
With that being said, it doesn't mean that you have to talk every second you are online nor that you can't have silent moments, but instead that you should stay focused on your chat and maybe even involve them in deciding what they want you to do and getting feedback to find out what works and what doesn't.

Don't take your personal problems to work
This rule probably applies to every job, but it's a lot more important when you are a cam model, as this work is all about you.
Keep yourself in a good mood, because would you rather talk to a happy looking person or a person that looks like it's about to explode and swear you to hell for just saying hi?

But like with every work, cam modeling has advantages and disadvantages.

Some advantages are:
- You can set your on work schedule and decide when you work and how much you work and do all that from home.
- Depending on how much effort you put in your work, salary can be quite high as you are a entrepreneur.

Some disadvantages are:
- The adult industry is probably one of the harshest places, in terms of competition and social demarcation.
- Your private parts won't be so private anymore.
- This is no work for people, at least not if you plan to do it longer than 1 day.

Types of cam sites

Cam sites can vary a lot and it matters to choose the right one for you where you end up on, as it can make a huge difference.

You should compare the features they offer, how popular they, what payout rate they have, how they do payouts and of course their terms of service.

Think about what site fits your goals the most.

We would recommend Chaturbate, MyFreeCams or BongaCams if you are looking to work on a site with a public chat room.
Otherwise LiveJasmin or Streamate, they still have a public room, but action happens there mostly only in privates or group shows.
Cam4 is dead meat, the same is true for CamContacts (but CamContacts might still be something for you if you really do not want any public room at all).

Dos and Don'ts

This is especially helpful if you tend to be shy.

Think about what you are willing to do and show on cam and whatnot, as it is important that you are comfortable with your work in the long term and by having boundaries you don't end up regretting it.

Maybe try things out before doing them the first time on cam, as it makes you more comfortable with doing it in front of a cam.

Some viewers might try to push your boundaries, but to maintain a good relationship to your work, it is not wise to let them push it beyond the point you have chosen before to go just for the quick buck.


As with everything else, you need to get popular, because if no one knows you nor remembers your name, it's impossible to get anywhere.

You should stay consistent with your name as much as possible across sites and social media, so people can recognize and remember your name.

Maybe even be creative when choosing your name as something creative is easier to remember than hotblondegirl123.

But more importantly, even if you can decide when you work, you should stay consistent with when you go online so viewers can remember it and nothing else than being online helps you building your reputation.

Loyal viewers

At some point you will end up having loyal viewers, which is good, because loyal viewers will make sure your room isn't empty and keep you going instead of getting frustrated (in terms of mood and of course, revenue).


Trolls are fun to watch when they get to work, but can be quite frustrating when they get to work on you.

It's important that you take care of trolls as they can negatively influence your mood and the mood of your viewers but also how you take care of them.

If you encounter a troll, politely ask the user to stop it, but that might doesn't help so the next step should be to warn him that he get banned otherwise.
And lastly if that still doesn't stop him, actually take action and ban him.

It's not wise to immediately ban everyone, as it most likely scares a lot of viewers away or to say anything.


Freeloaders, the ones you have sitting in your room, but most likely either don't talk at all (and of course don't tip) or request things all the time but don't tip for it.

If you end up working on a site which has a public chat room, you will have freeloaders in your room, period.

But you should treat the silent ones that don't talk and don't tip, differently than the annoying ones that request things all the time without tipping for it, because the silent ones are maybe new to the site and still figuring out how it all works or are simply shy. While the annoying ones can drag your mood to the mud and flood your chat so you ignore the other viewers by accident.

So here are some approaches for both types:

Silent ones:
- You can choose to ignore them as they are not really wasting your time actively.
- Try to send them a private message to get them involved in a conversation, but don't try to push them.

Annoying ones:
- If they ask once but don't tip, remind them to tip for their request (might also mention the tip amount). Should they don't tip but repeat their request, ban them, they will most likely never tip.
- Some sites offer options to exclude certain type of members to chat, having no account and or having no tokens.

Making friends, but draw a line

You can become friends with viewers (since this is about interacting, remember?), but which is especially useful when you care more to keep your work separated from your personal life as you can talk with them about your work, which you might not want your personal friends to know at all and it helps, to not feel completely disconnected from the real world, but keep in mind, that cam model work is some kind of sex work which can make it dangerous to let viewers get too close to you as well as leading to leak personal information.
Always stay aware that there are some black sheep's that might act like the nicest person, only to trick you to expose your private life to them, so they can stalk you, blackmail you or anything you can imagine.

What Hardware/Software

If the cam site you end up on lets you choose which software to use, use Open Broadcaster Software
It's a really sophisticated broadcaster software, but might look a bit confusing at first.

You of course need a decent Internet connection with enough upload speed so your video doesn't buffer all the time or is pixelated like a movie from the 60's.
10 Mbit/s upload minimum but everything beyond 50 Mbit/s upload is money wasting except if you plan to upload 4K videos.

And as far as cameras go this one seems to be quite good and popular:
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, Widescreen Video Calling and Recording, 1080p Camera, Desktop or Laptop Webcam

Working on multiple sites

Working on multiple sites can mean a greater exposure, but keep in mind to keep track of all chats, if viewers feel ignored they are likely to leave otherwise.
And also to remember to go offline or AFK on one cam site when you enter private on another, otherwise you are giving them a free show.


The ones the world needs but nobody likes.

Moderators make sure rules are enforced and help you, while you take care of your show.

Hijacking other models viewers

You are maybe desperately looking for ways to get more viewers, especially when you are just getting started, but don't do that at all!

It's annoying for the other models the same way it would be annoying to you if another model would do that to you and it annoys most viewers if they get private messages all the time from models that want to advertise themselves so it most likely hurts your reputation more than it helps, even if you just say hi.


Lush 2
You know, the red thing that popped up everywhere and made it in about every Panty.

Tip Menu

Create one, seriously.


Consider being a cam model as being an actor of any kind, your work happens in a public manner, whether you like that aspect or not.

This can introduce you to all sort of problems regarding your privacy, which you should be aware of and always keep in mind. So it is important to think about it before you even get started and turn on the red light for the first time.

You should always keep a line between your work life and personal life and never mix them up.

Think about what topic you consider private and never talk about them on cam.

You should not use any part of your personal name as your work name, as this makes it quite easy to find you on any other platform where you are signed up for your personal life.

Another thing to consider is to not make photos/videos of you public available on your personal accounts to avoid image facial recognition searches to show results of it.

Consider taking a look at your privacy settings on your personal accounts and might tweak them to make your personal accounts as private as possible.

Might delete personal accounts that you can't make private or at least think about what information you will put there.

Use different email addresses, phone numbers (or even a different smart phones) to create accounts for your work and personal life as some apps/sites recommend your work accounts to your personal contacts and vice versa otherwise.

Geoblocking is something some cam sites offer so that you can decide that people from a certain country or region can't access your room, but it has some flaws.
One being that people could use proxies to hide their real IP and connect to your room with the proxy IP that is located in a country/region that you don't block another one being bots that record you while you are in public and then upload it on other sites.

Some people might record you while you are in a group or private chat with them so don't expose any information there that you wouldn't expose when you are in public chat.


Some models use Skype to do private shows, to accept a different payment method or price for example, but Skype has one big disadvantage.

When you do a voice or video call, you computers directly connect, meaning a tech savvy person can find your real IP address which he can then use to approximate your physical location, or even start a DDoS attack on you.

In case your internet seems strange after you did a call on Skype, try restarting your router as it likely will restart with a new IP address.

If you take videos/photos with your Smartphone to publish on work accounts, make sure that they don't include a so called Geotag, because that Geotagcontains information that pinpoints where the video/photo was taken physically.

If someone sends you a link, don't happily click it as it could lead you to a harmful site that tries to hack or locate you.
Take a close look if you recognize the domain, for example if it is a link.
Also take a close look for typos in the domain, as it is also a common practice, for example


No matter how you look, there will always be somebody that likes how you look and is willing to pay to see more.

There are also other options beside doing public/group or private shows to make money.

Recorded shows

In addition to doing shows, you can also record your shows (some software supports to stream and record at the same time) and sell them later to viewers that are interested.

You should create a trailer/screencaps for your recorded shows to get people interested in the videos.
One option is to use Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (Media Player Classic - Home Cinema) to create screencaps for your videos as it has a sophisticated build-in function for it.

Custom Photos/Videos

Some viewers might like to have their own custom video with you doing exactly what they like, so at least worth considering it.

Selling panties

The title says it, but remember to include the postal fee in the price you choose (international shipping can be quite pricey).

Selling social media

One word: Snapchat. Google it.

Time zone

One thing you might can easily tune to have a higher chance to get people in your room is: Time zone.
Just because it's noon where you are, doesn't mean its noon everywhere and some might are still at work.

From our metrics, it seems the most models are online Tuesday and Thursday each week and around 18 - 03 (UTC) daily but oddly enough, this doesn't seem to match the metrics about visitors, so either try to swim with the others or play around with it.

Role play/Fetishes

There are a lot of cam models and most models probably want to become more popular as well, so you should specialize, meaning choosing some special fetishes that you are OK with doing, but maybe not every model does or simply not every model is capable of doing (a concrete example being flexibility).


Piracy is something that happens in every industry and thus is also something that will happen to you as a cam model and there are different ways to tackle that problem.

Search and Destroy on your own

- Use a search engine and simply search for your name you use on a cam site and see what results pop up.
- Open the results and see if the content you see is indeed yours.
- If so, search for a contact form or a DMCA link on the site.
- Send the support/webmaster a DMCA take down notice (you can find a example here)
- If they don't respond or comply within a few days, do a Whois ( and take a look at the raw Whois data for email addresses of higher instances and send them the same DMCA take down notice, but state that you previously tried to contact the webmaster of the site, but which doesn't seem to comply.
- If you can't get the video removed itself, contact the search engines to at least remove the result of it in the search engine.

Some sites that end up having your content, host their site on a hosting provider that doesn't care for DMCA take down notices.

Go from bottom to top, meaning to first try to contact them and then the hosting provider and so on with sites you don't know if they are cooperative, not vice versa.

But for fuck sake, do NOT attach your ID Card/Driver license or what have you when you send a DMCA notice to some random ass site, if you have no clue if that site is legit, we already got so many of them and this is just too dangerous to hand out to everybody.

- You don't have to pay for it? actually, there aren't many pros in that approach.

- You have to expose your contact details when sending the DMCA take down notices.
- It's sometimes hard to find out who is hosting a site and finding a way to contact them to remove your content

Cam sites with DMCA service

Some cam sites offer to send DMCA notices for you, for free.
You contact them and provide them with the links you found and they will go ahead and contact the support/webmaster of the site or even send an abuse mail to the hosting provider where the site is located on to get your content removed.

- You don't have to expose your contact details.
- They are trained and have some experience in what they do and how to do it.
- You don't have to do the whole work on your own and can save some time.

- Not every cam site offers it

DMCA agencies

DMCA agencies are companies that you can contract and authorize to find your photos/videos published on sites that you have not authorized to have your content and let them do the dirty work of searching, contacting the web master and or the search engines to get the content removed.

- You can off-load searching for our own videos and sending DMCA take down notices to webmasters, which means you can focus more on your actual work as a cam model.
- DMCA take down notices need to contain the senders contact details which exposes your personal information and by using DMCA agents, they will include their contact details instead of yours.

- You have to spent your money on DMCA agents to do that work.
- Sending DMCA take down notices is a Search and Destroy approach which is only to a certain degree effective as videos first have to be found and depending on the jurisdiction zone of the site it is hosted on might not be affected by take down notices.

We would also recommend you taking a look at the documentation CAM GIRLZ, that shows insights of some cam models life, on and off cam. As well as what implications it could have (good and bad ones) being a cam model.


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